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Get the Answers to Your Questions About Our Concrete Delivery Service

Concrete work near San Francisco is a time-sensitive matter. If the concrete sets before you’re finished working with it, your project won’t come out the way you intended. That’s why concrete delivery is so important. You can always rely on A-1 Ready Mix Concrete for efficient concrete delivery services, but you might have questions about the process. You should know how close we’ll need to get to the project and how we handle deliveries involving multiple trucks, and it helps to know about how cement mixers work for a better understanding.

How close to my project do you need to get?

Our concrete delivery service can supply your materials in a couple of different ways. Before you get started, you’ll need to make it as easy as possible to access your worksite. In many cases the truck will need to be within 12 feet of your project. This is the only way to guarantee proper concrete delivery if you’re discharging it from the truck directly. Since concrete will probably be the foundation of your project, you might not have too much in the way anyway. If it’s too difficult to get close enough, on the other hand, we can pump the concrete or deliver it with a wheelbarrow.

What do I do if I need multiple trucks?

Timing is key when it comes to concrete delivery because of the way it sets. If you need a lot of concrete for the job, you might need more than one truck for the delivery. At A-1 Ready Mix Concrete, our team can set it up so you get the freshest concrete possible throughout the project. Leaving concrete in the mixer for too long is bad for it, and it can lead to poor quality work. That’s why you need to time the trucks right so concrete doesn’t spend too much time agitating.

What are your cement mixers like?

Our cement mixers constantly agitate the concrete so it’s at the right consistency when you get to work. We can introduce additives to delay or speed up the setting of the concrete as well.

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