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Signs of Home Foundation Issues

When it comes to protecting your home’s value and safety, nothing is more important than ensuring that your foundation is in good repair. Knowing when to reach out to your San Francisco-area concrete contractor for foundation repair services is an essential part of responsible homeownership. Keep an eye out for these signs that your home is in need of concrete foundation repair.

concrete foundation

Jamming Doors and Windows

One of the tell-tale signs of foundation damage is difficulty opening and closing doors and windows. As your foundation shifts, door and window frames can become strained and stretched. This makes it difficult for your doors and windows to move through the frame easily. In some cases, windows may appear permanently stuck in the closed position.

Appearance of Cracks

Small cracks appearing on walls inside and outside of your home are common as your home “settles” into place. But larger cracks, or cracks that appear quickly, are typically signs that one part of your home is shifting or sinking independently of another. This is a common sign that the concrete foundation of your home is failing.

Chipping or Flaking Concrete

Some concrete foundations are doomed from the second they’re poured. That’s because low quality concrete contractors may try and cut corners by using too much water, using low-grade concrete mix, or using “dirty” concrete with high amounts of salt or dirt. This concrete may appear fine at first, but can quickly start to chip and peel away in flakes. In this situation, demolition and rebuilding your foundation using a fiber additive-mixed concrete might be necessary.

Problems in Your Crawlspace

Finally, you may have to look beneath your home to look for signs of structural damage. When foundations fail, the beams and piers that support your home will also start to fail. Look for bowing, wet spots, or other signs of moisture penetration or shifting in the concrete.

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