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Ready Mix Concrete in San Francisco

Ready Mix Concrete in the San Francisco Bay Area

If you are improving your home or business, A-1 Ready Mix can help you finish your concrete construction project faster and more easily. Instead of going through the time-consuming, messy mixing process at your jobsite, our concrete comes premixed and ready to be dropped. In addition to achieving the ideal wet/dry ratio, our ready mix concrete with water reducing technology helps avoid the messes left by traditional mixing, including water pools from washout.

Our Commercial Concrete Construction Services

We understand that maintaining a nice house is important to you and can assist in making your curb appeal wishes a reality. While we know that some weekend warriors prefer to handle projects themselves, we can help save you time by constructing projects for you and your family. From fixing cracks in a standard walkway to increasing the value of your home through patio improvements with colored concrete, A-1 Ready Mix is ready to complete construction tasks in your front yard, back yard, and even inside your home.

Are you working on a commercial concrete project that requires over 100 yards of concrete? If you are working a large job, it may be in your best interest to bring the batch plant to your site. Instead of going through the hassle of mixing your own concrete, we can produce 60 yards per hour, just 50 feet away from the site. While other types of concrete can take days to harden, ready mix concrete in a portable plant can be mixed and set in a few hours. Our computerized machine is accurate, quick, and can easily be towed to your site. We also offer fiber-reinforced concrete known as fibermesh!

Creative Options with Colored Concrete

Colored concrete offers a variety of options to create an interesting space or draw attention away from an unsightly aspect of your property. If you are creating a patio, you can use colored concrete with techniques such as stamping to create a unique space for your family to relax and entertain. Driveways are often stained by oil, dirt, and tire marks, but you can help hide those stains with colored concrete. Colored concrete can also be used to disguise drains or canals and mimic expensive materials like terra cotta and granite.

Demolish and Recycle Your Unwanted Concrete

If you have unsightly concrete on your personal or commercial property, we can help you remove and recycle it. Instead of throwing old concrete into a landfill, we crush it into tiny, rock-like pieces that can be used in a variety of projects. We can begin this environmentally-friendly and cost-effective process after you bring us your used concrete or invite us to collect it from your yard.

A-1 Ready Mix: Family Owned and Operated

As a family owned and operated business in the San Francisco Bay Area, our customers are our first priority. We believe that happy customers are loyal customers, and we are dedicated to providing excellent service. When you choose A-1 Ready Mix, you can rest assured that we will work our hardest to meet your needs. Whether you are seeking assistance with landscaping for your backyard or your business is looking for concrete for a retaining wall or other commercial project, we will work efficiently to achieve your goals in a timely manner.

At A-1 Ready Mix, we value your time as much as you do. We know that you are busy, and we work to finish your residential or commercial project as quickly as possible. When you call, you can speak directly to our team, and we proudly offer same day delivery of ready mix concrete. We answer all calls, so take a few moments to schedule a free same day consultation. We encourage you to contact us at (510) 690-8530 to learn more about the benefits of ready mix concrete!

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